“If you haven’t met Amrish Shah yet, he is a one of the great philosophical minds in the group (The Neuroscience Academy). You’re a star Amrish!”

Dr Sarah Mckay

Neuroscientist, Masters and PHD in Neuroscience from Oxford University. (Founder-Mentor at The Neuroscience Academy.- Sydney)

“Amrish knowledge on neuroplasticity is world-class. He has been mentored by world-renowned Dr Michael Merzenich and Dr Sarah McKay. For my book interview, his insight gave me huge clarity on how to integrate brain science within the pharmacy sector. His support for my vision really means a lot and he inspired me so much to make a profound positive impact on the health and wellbeing of patient. I highly recommend to contact him if you need consulting. Amazing human being for sure ^^”

Arun Nadarasa

The Pharmacy Futurist | Medical NLP | Nidotherapy | Krumper | Author | Visionary World Future Society University of Bath