“Amrish has profound understanding of neuroscience with the ability to instil positivity and affirmations.

He is a repository of the co-relation between the workings of the human brain and human emotions and their impact on good health.

My mother was suffering from cancer when Amrish spent time with her and gave her not only affirmations but also showed her ways to make her mind stronger in order to affect a recovery.

He has a calm and composed demeanour and knows how to help people bring about a change in their lives.

His expertise lies in the understanding of our emotions and the wiring of our brain.

Amrish is an extremely giving person whose aim is to bring about a transformation in the way we humans utilise the power of our brains.”

Ameet Mehta, 45


“Super Amrish makes you feel like a superwoman. It’s amazing how shifting perception and reputation of affirmations can help you go from zero to ten in a matter of minutes. Amrish helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I felt helpless, like my life was spiralling out of control. His mind training techniques change things around completely. I’m extremely grateful to have found him at a very trying period of my life.”

Sonali Manchandia (Jamaica)

Mother of three beautiful souls, Entrepreneur

“Several years ago, when I was at a crossroad, newly unemployed and still recovering from a traumatic end to a violent marriage and a recent brain tumour surgery, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into self-pity and depression. Amrish Shah, someone I’ve creatively collaborated with for a decade now,  said something to me that profoundly impacted my perceptions of self and the world I was constantly blaming. He said to me, Princess, the power of your mind can make anything possible. All you need to do is change your thought. Whatever is going on in your mind right now is a thought…you can change it.

That day when I got off that long distance phone call at an ungodly hour (my insomniac, depressed self in Australia at 2am had called Amrish during his dinner time in Mumbai), I went to bed with his words repeating in my head… It’s only a thought, you can change it.

Today, I am a successful life coach and counsellor, helping other people understand that thoughts are like switches…we all have the choice to practise ‘Thought Switch’ as I like to call it, where a thought can be amplified and dwelled upon or it can be switched off.
Thank you, Amrish, for never giving up on me.”

Princess R. Lakshman, (Australia)

Life Coach, Counsellor, Author

“Amrish’s Brain science applications helps me be aware of myself, my ultimate needs and wants, and be sure of my goals. As I practice daily, I feel less anxious about my future because I believe I’m building it step by step, day by day. It has become like a ritual for me now, if I don’t use it, I sense something important missing from the day. To put it in simple words it feels like I missed a session of yoga. I want others to experience the same health as well as strength that I have garnered.”

Ria Sanghvi (Mumbai)

Author, Screenwriter

“Amrish Shah has the qualification and the expertise armed with a positive attitude. My Father was admitted in the Hospital- Intensive care unit for more than six months. At the age of seventy seven now, he had a Neurological disorder- Guillain Barre Syndrome and Amrish was very kind and helpful assisting in his recovery.

He help heal my father by prescribing a great routine as well as rewiring the positive tendencies. As a result there was an improvement in his cognitive abilities as well as in his physical abilities.

Amrish’s brain plasticity expertise is highly recommended since it will be beneficial to patients / clients in multiple dimensions.”

Dhaval N Shah (California-USA)

Software Development Executive University of California, Berkeley, Haas school of Business

“Amrish has a positive attitude, knowledge and the right approach for brain plasticity healing. I had a foot fracture and was bedridden for more than a month with all sorts of thoughts in my mind.

Amrish guided me on the healing and assisted me to rewire positivity in my mind. I became more positive, healed faster after the prescribed brain plasticity applications. I could overcome challenges. Certainly I would recommend Amrish as it would benefit people overcome challenges, combat fear, and have a control over their mind.”

Mamta Khanna (Mumbai)


“If you haven’t met Amrish Shah yet, he is a one of the great philosophical minds in the group (The Neuroscience Academy). You’re a star Amrish!”

Dr Sarah Mckay

Neuroscientist, Masters and PHD in Neuroscience from Oxford University. (Founder-Mentor at The Neuroscience Academy.- Sydney)

“Amrish knowledge on neuroplasticity is world-class. He has been mentored by world-renowned Dr Michael Merzenich and Dr Sarah McKay. For my book interview, his insight gave me huge clarity on how to integrate brain science within the pharmacy sector. His support for my vision really means a lot and he inspired me so much to make a profound positive impact on the health and wellbeing of patient. I highly recommend to contact him if you need consulting. Amazing human being for sure ^^”

Arun Nadarasa

The Pharmacy Futurist | Medical NLP | Nidotherapy | Krumper | Author | Visionary World Future Society University of Bath