What is BrainScience?

If life is an experience, BrainScience determines the brilliance of that experience.  With BrainScience Applied, you can micro goal and achieve super success in your passion, profession and personal life.

“The Brain is malleable, thus work in progress, the mind is limitless in growth” quotes SuperMind Director Amrish Shah. “One can diligently upgrade the brain or let it decline and allow decay. On an average, a human brain is gifted with one hundred billion neurons and one thousand trillion synaptic connections. Our true wealth, our brainpower.”

Who can benefit with SuperMind?

Medical Professionals, Lawyers, Engineers, Defence Personnel, Teachers, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Executives, SportStars, Healers, High Achievers, Artists, Students, Senior citizens, all beings with Applied NeuroScience training can attain ultra brain efficacy, performance par excellence, and overall wellness.

Who is Amrish Shah?

Amrish Shah

Amrish Shah

SuperMind Director- Amrish is mentored and affiliated with Dr. Sarah Mckay, a Neuroscientist graduated from Oxford.

Amrish is affiliated as a Brain Science Innovator with the Society for Neuroscience (sfn.org), headquartered in Washington DC.

Amrish is a Life member of the prestigious community: ‘Leaders Excellence Harvard Square’ at  Cambridge, MA, USA.

Amrish holds twenty two years of cumulative experience in the field of media and entertainment and now BrainScience Applied. Amrish is the screenwriter of the blockbuster- Don 2 starring Shahrukh Khan that grossed more fifty million dollars worldwide, Author of the international novel -‘Tiger Mates’ showcased at the world’s biggest book fairs (London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Book Expo (USA)).

Tiger Mates is slated to be a feature film being considered for adaptation.

Amrish has four more novels in the pipeline coupled with a few Network TV Shows.

Likewise Amrish is the Director- Neuroscience Applied @ SuperMind, mentored by and affiliated with Dr. Sarah Mckay, a Neuroscientist from Oxford, she is also the founder of The Neuroscience Academy (Sydney).

Presently Amrish is studying Medical Neuroscience with Professor White at the Duke University (USA).

Amrish is also the designer and the innovator of ‘StellarBrain a scientific innovation in the global arena of Neuroscience Applied.

StellarBrain is an innovative strategy and application for wellness and Brain Upgrade with absolute scientific, evidence based techniques and training.

Amrish is qualified to conduct Artificial Intelligence-Brain training for Individuals, professionals, specialised officers, and experts in varied domains.

Benefits of Neuroscience Applied

Neuroscience Applied guards you from Depression, Alzheimer’s, Mood disorder, Bipolar, Thought Disorder, Mild cognitive decline, and other mental illnesses as well as Brain connected physical ailments.

Neuroscience Applied is practiced and supervised by Amrish the Director at SuperMind.

Knowledge, Training, Therapy, Artificial intelligence applications in:
Sports Psychology, Creativity, Happiness, Positive thinking, Leadership, Achieving Goals, Objective, Purpose, Mental Strategy, Longevity, Prevention of cognitive decline, Partial or complete revival from Mental ailments like ADHD, Dementia, Attention deficit, Brain injury, Dyslexia.

“Our brain is work in progress, Our mind is limitless in growth.” quotes NeuroPlastician – Amrish

SuperMind Purpose

Every Citizen of the world has a constitutional right to Brain Health, Wellness, Cognitive efficacy. Knowledge, Understanding, Application in mind, body and spirit is the Supreme Truth.

Super Brain Health is achieved with Neuroscience Applied via Synaptogenesis, Adult Neurogenesis, Axonal and Dendrite branching, Myelinogenesis, Autonomic regulation and Immune activity which also brings about changes in the physiology of the brain.

‘Your Thoughts, Your SuperPower’ is the SuperMind Motto.

The Mind changes the Brain and the Brain changes the Mind and so on. Brain changes when it finds meaning in every thought, task, undertaking.

Neuroplasticity, the fact that the Brain is plastic and can be moulded with thought and effort is a discovery only in the last couple of decades. The brain is not hardwired and can be rewired time and again to accomplish positive goals. A plan can be laid out to identify and then overcome hurdles in achieving the desired objectives. With Neuroscience applied and MindCode the Brain builds itself and performs like a SuperPower.

SuperMInd specialises in Mind-Body Medicine and Pain, Stress, Sleep Management and Therapy as well Social Edge.

SuperMind trains in Fluid Intelligence, Mindfulness, EmotIonal Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence.

Is SuperMind a Scientific Innovation?

SuperMind had to its credit Scientific Innovations and Mental Strategies for Brain REWIRE AND REFIRE created, designed by Amrish with absolute scientific trial based evidence, research published in global Neuroscience journals.

To list a few SuperMind innovations:

StellarBrain. Neuro SuperPower. Induced Dream Therapy.
Six to Success via Brain Science.

Refire (courtesy Dr. Sarah Mckay). Thought Switchboard. Brain Dial.

MindCode. MindMines. NeuroChange. Attention Cheetah. PFC IN PALM.

MindfulYoddha. Neuroga. PFCPilot. BWM- BrainWaveMastery. SuperStrings. LoveStrings. iBliss. ChunkingExpress. Postive Photon. NeuroFly.

“Our Brain is like a universe with millions of structures within, however it is primarily one magnificent thought in genesis, performance and consciousness” quotes NeuroScience Innovator- Amrish Shah.

Is SuperMind a Network?

SuperMind creates and participates in:


Can I be a SuperMind?

Like a dynamic hero, who surpasses all evil with inner growth, brain wiring and intelligence are not fixed. Thus the brain can transform, acquire newer skills, adapt to tougher conflicts. The truth is that the mind can reload with cognitive power, reliability, memory, clarity, functional adaptability and dexterity. To the likes of a protagonist, the brain can save the day for the beholder and fellow-mates around her.

The super mind can tackle the situational fireballs and acquire the required craft, hone the talent, increase its attention span, escalate it’s processing speed and thus empower the thinking of the thinker. This would enable in making accurate choices and within the stipulated time. It is our decisions that shape our destiny, a few unwise choices can destroy years of health and wealth. Armed with precise judgement, brain efficacy can recast fortune and fulfilment.

“How you redesign your brain is how you redesign your destiny” quotes NeuroPlastician – Amrish.

Is SuperMind a global company?

SuperMind, a Private Limited Company, is globally available and applicable.

For further queries, please contact:
Amrish Shah at supermindworld@gmail.com

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